Hospitality: a friendly, welcoming behavior towards guest or people you have just met.  

Our Liquid World was founded by Alexander ‘Kiwi” Brinsdon.

Alex began working in the hospitality/ alcohol industry in 2003 and quickly realised he loved sharing his passion and knowledge to those around him.

It was learning the history and evolution of alcohol, cocktails and drinking cultures along with the warm feeling after someone complimented Alex’s hospitality that kept him wanting to stay in the industry and always eager to learn more. 

Throughout the years he work in pubs, clubs and cocktail bars; from Glassy to Venue Manager. His experience has also seen Alex working as a Brand Ambassador and Area Sales Manager within the alcohol industry. 

Visiting wineries, breweries and distilleries around the world has given Alex first-hand experience, from mixing botanicals for Gin in the Black Forest in Germany at Monkey 47, to blending Scotch whisky at Glenfiddich in Speyside, Scotland and making cocktails at Brisbane’s very own Beenleigh Rum Distillery. 

Our Liquid World was born to provide a true hospitality to those wanting bartending services; from beverage catering for your function or event, to cocktail classes or masterclasses for that special pre-event activity.

We aim to cater for your preferences.

Let us help you discover the world drop by drop!

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