What is pulque?

Pulque is a Mexican alcoholic drink that has been around for a long time. It’s not common to see it outside of Mexico to my understanding, except for a few canned and bottled products available in USA.

It is made from agave but created differently to mezcal or tequila. You can find this drink in pulquerias or some bars around Mexico.


To my understanding from my recent visit to Mexico, this is how pulque is made…

This unique drink is made from harvesting “agua miel” honey water from the top of the agave. They scrape out the inside of an agave that is ready and it reproduces agua miel daily. This agua miel is fermented for a few days to create pulque. Its alcoholic content is about 3-4% depending on the length of fermentation. If it is left to ferment for longer the alcohol content is higher but the drink becomes sour, where if the drink isn’t left as long then it would be sweeter, but not as strong. It is generally served within 1-2 days after fermentation depending on the venue. Fresh is best. The same agave can be used daily for a to 3-6 months from my understanding.


This cloudy milky looking drink is served natural or can be blended with cucumber and chili or other house blends. Having tried it a few times, it is a little different depending on where you get it from. Most of the time when served naturally it has a slimy texture to it, similar to drinks made from aloe vera. It is said to contain lots of good vitamins and protein.

You can watch a video about pulque production here.

If you are in Mexico, do try it!

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