How I write a blog.

Blogging and travelling can be hard, more so if you decide to start a blog during your travels. If you are wondering why some of the photos I use on my blog or social media sites has a wide lens or fisheye lens look to them, then it is because I have taken those photos from a GoPro Hero4 Silver camera. I also use my Apple iPad Air to write the blog posts on and help update some social media sites. My Apple iPhone 4 also comes in handy to take pictures on the go and run my Instagram account. Also not worried if its lost, damaged or stolen during my travels. You don’t need anything too fancy in my opinion to start a blog, in the words of Nike… Just do it!


These are the blogs I follow, maybe they might interest you also!

travelFREAK –

Nourished Spirits –

Don’t Forget To Move –

If you would like to suggest some more, contact me.

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