La Mezcalerita – Oaxaca City, Mexico

I was walking around Oaxaca this afternoon and noticed this funky bar/ mezcaleria. They have a good range of mezcales and artisanal beers available. I was looking through the menu and a peanut butter porter took my interest. I sat in the courtyard with seven other people enjoy the afternoon with cervesa (beer). I was excited to try this beer, but with the aroma and taste of this beer, became quickly disappointed! Going back to the bar, I would gladly enjoy a different drink in the courtyard again! The bar was inviting and had a lot of drink options, the prices were average.

La Mezcalerita’s bar.

La Mezcalerita’s details…

Address: Macedonio Alcalá #706, Centro Histórico, Oaxaca City

Phone: 044 951 106 4432


Hours:  Mon-Sat 12:30pm – 1am, Sunday 12pm – 1am

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