Beardy’s Bar & Kitchen – Brisbane, Australia

I love seeing venues converting into bars. This venue once was a car washing/cleaning shop and has been converted into a drive through cafe, bar and kitchen.


Having been on a Sunday, this is a great place to enjoy tasty burgers, wings and chips while enjoying a refreshing drink in the shady outdoor area. Listening to the live music with the cool breeze made for a great relaxing Sunday afternoon.


If you are heading to work the next day, pick up a $10 breakfast burger and coffee combo from the drive through cafe. I haven’t seen any drive through cafes that I recall except for fast food chains like McDonald’s which isn’t the place I think of when I’m wanting a coffee.

This location won’t work for those on the South Side, but if you are heading out to Redcliffe for a day trip, I would suggest making a stop here to please your taste buds.


Beardy’s Bar & Kitchen details…

Address: 405 Elizabeth Ave, Kippa Ring, 4021

Phone: 0477 635 013


Hours: Mon-Wed 6am – 4pm, Thur & Fri 6am – 8pm, Sat 7am – 8 and Sun 7am – 5pm


Mezcalogia – Oaxaca City, Mexico


I’ve found that when you work at a bar, there can be occasional perks. One of those perks is knowing a network of people that work in bars worldwide. Finding recommendations can be difficult, but I asked a friend, that suggested some places to visit during my stay in Oaxaca.

Mezcalogia was suggested to me and I’m so glad it was. During my time in Oaxaca I had been to Mezcalogia a few times. I enjoyed a drink while chatting with the staff or other patrons. One night I was relaxing with a mezcal and met the author of a book I had just started reading a few weeks before that night, John McEvoy, the author of Holy Smoke! it’s Mezcal!

This is a bar for locals and tourist to enjoy. It is quite small with only 7 tables and the bar to sit at, but the atmosphere is always enjoyable… for me at least. They have the Mezcalogia range of mezcales available to buy, in 1oz, 2oz or by the bottle. This range is an extremely small batch and generally contains mezcal from rare agave.


They also stock the full range from Agave de Cortés, El Jolgorio and Nuestra Soledad. These mezcales are also offered by one ounce, two ounce or the bottle, but sometimes they also stock half bottles of some products, to help with the decision.

Along with the mezcales, they also stock two gins made from agave, and a few artisanal beers. If these options aren’t what you are looking for, you can look out for the changing cocktail board or speak to the staff for help.
You may be lucky enough to listen to live music or a DJ if it’s the weekend. Pop in and see what you think!
Mezcalogia’s details…

Address: Calle Manuel Garcia Vigil #509, Centro, Oaxaca City

Phone: 044 951 514 2734


Hours: Sun-Thur 6pm – 1am, Friday & Saturday 6pm – 2am

Mezcalillera – Oaxaca City, Mexico

Walking along the streets of Oaxaca and you can find some interesting shops. One afternoon I was walking the streets and found the doorway of Mezcalillera. From the footpath I could see many beautiful bottles of mezcal on display, so I HAD to enter! What sort of mezcal fan would I be if I just walked past?

During the day, the display looks beautifully presented, I haven’t been during the night time but I would have liked to. If anyone is interested in mezcal, I suggest coming here to find out more. They have pictures of some agaves on the wall behind the counter.

If you are a collector of miniature bottles or would like 50ml sample bottles they also have them for sale here from a few producers.

They are advertised as a bar on Facebook, having not been upstairs, I don’t know if they have more seating than the few stools at the counter. With the trading hours, I suggest they are more of a bottle shop than a bar.

Mezcalillera’s details…

Address: Murguía #403 A, Centro Histórico, Oaxaca City

Phone: 044 951 514 1757


Hours: Mon-Sat 11:30am – 9pm, Sunday 12pm – 8pm

La Mezcalerita – Oaxaca City, Mexico

I was walking around Oaxaca this afternoon and noticed this funky bar/ mezcaleria. They have a good range of mezcales and artisanal beers available. I was looking through the menu and a peanut butter porter took my interest. I sat in the courtyard with seven other people enjoy the afternoon with cervesa (beer). I was excited to try this beer, but with the aroma and taste of this beer, became quickly disappointed! Going back to the bar, I would gladly enjoy a different drink in the courtyard again! The bar was inviting and had a lot of drink options, the prices were average.

La Mezcalerita’s bar.

La Mezcalerita’s details…

Address: Macedonio Alcalá #706, Centro Histórico, Oaxaca City

Phone: 044 951 106 4432


Hours:  Mon-Sat 12:30pm – 1am, Sunday 12pm – 1am