Hidden Bar in Singapore

Hidden away in Singapore is a cocktail bar that is unlike any other I’ve been to. It isn’t that easy to find, but that was part of the fun. In this basement bar you won’t find spirit bottles on the back bar, but dozens of different ingredients in jars. The drinks list isn’t long but definitely does not disappoint!


Operation Dagger is known well around the world in the drinks industry. Listed as number 30 on the World’s 50 Best Bars list for 2019.

The cocktail list contains the name and a few of the flavours you should expect. Base spirits or brand names are kept hidden from the patrons eye. Instead of ordering a cocktail based on the base spirit, they would rather you choose your libation from the flavours that interest your taste the most. They back their cocktails by saying that they will replace your cocktail with another option, if you don’t enjoy the one you ordered. I doubt that they replace many drinks.

The venue has a pretty simple decor, but it worked well. I really enjoyed the lighting features located throughout the venue.


The staff were very welcoming, especially the French waiter that looked after us and took the time to speak with us.

If you manage to find this place and you can get a seat, I would absolutely suggest exploring the drinks they have to offer and the very different way in which they do it. The “Hot & Cold” is very popular and worth trying! I only spent about an hour here, but will definitely be coming back.

Operation Dagger details…

Address: 7 Ann Siang Hill, Singapore

Phone: +65 6438 4057

Facebook: www.facebook.com/operationdagger

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